PYP Theatrics commences with great zeal. This year our young learners will be diving into the history of Bharat to explore its timeline, glorious cultural heritage, music, and dance.

Meet the specialists: 

Creating History
"An artist stimulates imagination beyond reality"
-Divahar (Art Facilitator PYP, HUS )
Sheer Bliss
"Dance is the reason for happiness and joy"
                       - Varsha (Dance Facilitator PYP/MYP, HUS)
I am excited to see our learners experiencing those glorious tales through drama to understand the world and our individual histories as citizens of this world. I am sure these young leaders will raise their own empires in future" 
 - Soumya ( Drama Facilitator PYP/MYP, HUS)
Feel the music
"Music is the language of the soul. It lets you express what words cannot."
- Gautam ( Music Facilitator PYP/MYP, HUS)


  1. Great to see the artists at work 🙂 Thanks for all the magnificence and magic – Divahar, Soumya, Gautam and Varsha!


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