Vannakam “CHOLAS” வணக்கம் சோழர்கள்

The Cholas

Meet The Mentors

Agatha Banu
I am excited to witness the energetic performances from different cultures and traditions. They have explored the significance of the Chola dynasty and will showcase a spectacular show with lots of colors and liveliness. Keeping my supposition aside I hold back to see the amazing outcome for our learners and at the same time pleased to be a part of this grand show

-Agatha Banu 
" Go make it happen,don't wait to be compelled to do great work " 

Daniel Naveen Kumar
Being a Tamil facilitator, it gives me immense pleasure to be a part of the Chola dynasty which is not only famous for its rich craftsmanship, valor, and heritage but also for being one of the most prominent dynasties in India. Along with our learners, I am also looking forward to being part of its rich and cultural music which will showcase the talent through performing arts.

-Daniel Naveen Kumar 
தோள் கொடு தோழா நீ தோற்றுப்போவ தில்லை.

One response to “EMPIRES IN ACTION-II”

  1. Chozham vaazhga! Long live the Cholas. And wishing all the best of energy and enthusiasm to the Cholas of HUS. Can’t wait to see them shine on stage!


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