WELCOME MARATHAS मराठवाड्यात स्वागत

The Marathas

Meet the Mentors

I take this opportunity to be a mentor of the Maratha Dynasty which not only makes me feel at home but also defines an integral part of myself. I would also like to share the same essence and power of the Marathas with all my learners.The takeaway from this Dynasty would be definitely how to work on strengthening your values and shining and honing your skill set. Last but not the least have love and respect for oneself.

"Keep calm and mentor ON" 
As a mentor and being a part of the Maratha Dynasty I got the opportunity to explore new culture and language which will help me and my mentees to identify our strengths and interests. We are excited to traverse this journey and bring out our best to witness a great show. Stay tuned to meet  our  undaunted and courageous young warriors.

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves"

One response to “EMPIRES IN ACTION-III”

  1. Looking forward to seeing some brave warriors, energetic singers and mesmerising dancers on stage! Kudos to the team for all the hard work! Lovely to see the greatness of the Great Shivaji coming to life! Go Marathas!


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