Welcome AHOM ( স্বাগতম আহোম )


Meet the Mentors

Savitha Gopinath
I feel like I am traveling back in history and landing in the AHOM dynasty.  I would call this journey “The craft” of fine tuning of our skills. This journey is all about trying something new and sharing great ideas! You may have some fun along the way.  We the Ahoms started exploring histories and reaching beyond the classroom. We are getting ready to set fire to our creativity recreating history with our performances.

Savitha Gopinath
"Great works are performed, not by strength but by perseverance."
Shweta Rawal
I am delighted to introduce  our PYP learners to experience the great heritage of AHOM dynasty which will drive them through an expedition full of drama, dance and music. I feel privileged to get this opportunity and enlivened to commence this historical tour with our learners and understand more about historical inquiry, claims and discern in detail. We all are eagerly waiting to behold a great display of our cultural heritage.

Shweta Rawal
"Dream big and create your own magic"

One response to “EMPIRES IN ACTION-IV”

  1. Great initiative to bring to the forefront an under-celebrated part of Indian culture – the Ahom dynasty! This will help kids and parents learn more about this hidden treasure in our culture! Wonderful enthusiasm from the kids!


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